The 5

The 5

Monday, 18 June 2012

Tailgate loom

I concentrated on the tail gate loom fix this weekend, this should help with getting the rear wiper working again. Having removed all of the screws and access panels I was met with lots of wires, non of which looked damaged. The advice that I had read was to cut the wires from the tailgate and pull back in to the car boot area for inspection. I'm afraid the my auto electrics confidence does not go that far especially when the next step was to extend and re solder the wires!
Auto electrictrian to be contacted soon....

Friday, 15 June 2012

Project E61 begins

So, now time to fix this e61 back up. List of issues to fix are:

1. Rear wiper does not work, this is a well known issue connected to the tailgate wiring loom

2. New front OS tire. Front tires are std and rears run flats. Is this an MOT fail?

3. Rear OS parking sensor not working, could connected to the loom issues.

4. Front suspension noises

5. MOT

T5 plug removal

A couple of evenings back I decided to check on the condition of the cool packs and spark plugs.
After removing the turbo pipe and engine cover I found pools of oil on the rocker cover, then also down in the spark plug holes.
I cleaned up the oils check on the ploughs and refitted. Started the engine to a cloud of white smoke, I guess some of the oil got down in to the combustion chambers!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hello V70 T5

About a month or so ago I finally had enough of the E61 and when on to ebay a purchased another car.   Meant to be an interim runner while the BMW is fixed up and moved on she looks to be a keeper... until she proves me wrong.

So the spec;

2001 V70 T5 Manual in blue with black leather.  Not much more to mention but 156600 on the clock when purchased and a sunroof!

So far I have travelled 1000 miles with an average of 26mpg around town and 32.4mpg on the motorway.  This compares to the E61 525d favourably as it was showing 22mpg around town and 38mpg on the motorway.  Once factor to think about is that petrol is 6.5% cheaper than diesel in the UK.

So far so good, new tires required on the front and perhaps a small amount of front suspension work.  Not too bacd for 1350gbp.