The 5

The 5

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ok, so the old D5 is 100 miles away form the big 160k. Its got a faulty injector clunky auto transmission and suspension knocks. The question is do you spend out £££ on fixing or pass over to the next guy cheap? The real question is "whats the cost to change"

The way that I look at it is, you have a number of factors to consider;

  1. Purchase price of the current car
  2. Lenght of time invested in the car
  3. Age of the car
  4. Service history completed
  5. Pending service jobs
  6. Pending repairs.
  7. Realistic selling price
  8. Cost of new vehicle
  9. The way in which the new car is finance (Bank loan, cash, finance, lease, PCP)
  10. The cost of the money to finance the purchace (APR, lost interest in savings etc.)
  11. Costs to service new car
  12. Depreciation of new car v's repairs of current car
Take all of these items into account, and then realize that it's better the devil you know, unless you can affort the brand new car....

Keep the S60 until the big 200k

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The London Black Cab

What is it with these old things? They shack, rattle and role all over the place but people are still loyal to them. Classic in shape yes they are, but built well they arte not, rust after just a couple of years on the body panels, trim falling off and lots of chocking diesel smoke.

So what mileage are we to expect from these old black cabs? 200, 300 0r even 400k?

Since the 2006 joint venture between Maganese Bronze and Geely has the quality dropped or increased? I bet the Chinese cabs all have aircon as standard for the passengers!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Million mile Saab - the Swedes do it again.

Monday, 1 February 2010

I was reading a new thread this morning on the "HonestJohn" web forum, basically it was about average car life and which cars were expected to reach seven years an beyond....

The Japanese boys turned up and started talking about Micra's and how many were left from the 90's (they forgot to mention that most parts had been replaced many thimes!) then the Land Rover enthusiasts piped in, apparently 50% of all Landys ever build are still on the roads, I wonder how many actually do still have their orginal chassis!

I feel conpelled to post the Volvo high mileage website but feel I will be shot down with tall tales of high mileage Mondeos and Peugeot 405 1.9d's still on their orginal head gasgets!

I think that I shall head over to the American TDI club for some credible high mileage stories, these guy's drive believe me.