The 5

The 5

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hello V70 T5

About a month or so ago I finally had enough of the E61 and when on to ebay a purchased another car.   Meant to be an interim runner while the BMW is fixed up and moved on she looks to be a keeper... until she proves me wrong.

So the spec;

2001 V70 T5 Manual in blue with black leather.  Not much more to mention but 156600 on the clock when purchased and a sunroof!

So far I have travelled 1000 miles with an average of 26mpg around town and 32.4mpg on the motorway.  This compares to the E61 525d favourably as it was showing 22mpg around town and 38mpg on the motorway.  Once factor to think about is that petrol is 6.5% cheaper than diesel in the UK.

So far so good, new tires required on the front and perhaps a small amount of front suspension work.  Not too bacd for 1350gbp.

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