The 5

The 5

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Now at 160350, and it been just over 1k since the last service. I noticed that the engine tone changed after 200 miles, does oil take this long to bed in?

Averaging about 45 mpg combined, not bad but I prefer to see 60mpg having done a long run.

Last week I changed the rear brakes on another S60 that I own, its a 2001 2.0 turbo with 119k.

Apparently the rear beake shoe delaminate and can cause damage to the hub assembly. See here for details;

If you have an S60/V70/S80 now might be the time to check them out. Other that potential delamination probles the only other problem seems to be the dam retaining springs for the rear shoes. Here comes the best bit, they seem to always brake or bend when being taken off and cost £4 each to replace from Volvo! (4 required)