The 5

The 5

Monday, 5 September 2011

The central locking has stopped working, so everytime I open the car with the key, the alarm sounds.
There are also fumes leaking into the cabin again, suspected exhaust manifold leak.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Volvo binned!

So, the D5 has been traded (172000), the Five is here. What a disaster.
Having handed over serious wads of cash I am left with what seems to be a dog.

Jobs to complete;

Brakes all round
Exhaust manifold repair
Heater plugs
Front O/S wishbone
Front tyres
Central locking fault

So the purchase price was ok, the mileage was at 139k at purchase.

Brakes have been changed the manifold has been welded and we have just completed server trips around europe;

1. London to Devon (400 miles)
2. London to Bolton (500 miles)
3. London to Bergerac (France) (1400 miles)

Overall the E61 now stands at 142000 miles.

Its the 1st of September, the autum is coming in hard. Lets see how it fairs in the months to come. Any more problems and its likley to be traded!